Aug 12

So now we are offically terriorist

If you have any of the items below you might be a terrorist…. at least the FBI seems to think so…..

According to an article over at the Oathkeepers the FBI has been asking military surplus store owners to spy and collect information on people that would normally fall under the prepper category.

fbiThe FBI has been handing out literature, entitled “Communities Against Terrorism: Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Military Surplus Stores” that instructs the store owners to:

Keep records on those buying suspicious items ( MRE’s Flashlights, Gas Masks and High capacity magazines) All of which last time I check are perfectly legal to buy

Require valid Identification from all new customers.

Ask questions and gather information from customers.

To consider the following people extremely suspicious… those that wish to remain anonymous or want privacy, those who are extremely religious or even those who pay with cash.

A similar flyer has been distributed to gun stores throughout the United States as the FBI is apparently looking to crack down on those dangerous preppers.


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