Aug 26

Were still lucky with storms so far

Well with the high pressure system that’s been parked over us all summer the benefit is that it won’t let any Hurricanes come our way.but I’m betting that won’t last forever so go over your prep list and be ready so you don’t have to fight with the sheep over supplies.

After further consideration I decided to hook up both batteries to the shed’s solar set up.That way both are charged for free & ready to go at all times.If I need it for the portable power cart it is easy enough to take down & install .I’m not going to install the other solar panels until after hurricane season so it will be less to take down & store .It probably seems like a pain but the damage sustained during a storm from tree branches is substantial .Believe me I’ve been through it and I’m gonna need them more after the storm has passed than now.Get your act together because Mother nature could swing by any time prep on…………..


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