Dec 02

Our senators sold us out……Again

Thanks to Senators Vitter & Landrieu for helping to pass the law that will enable the government to lock us up and throw away the key….with out even being tried in court.Well I know you 2 are deeply entrenched in our politics but I would vote for Elmer Fudd before I voted for either of you scoundrels again. I’m done with this state I’m outta here first chance I get.Hopefully I can find a piece of the woods you wont be interested in..In another state…Build me a shack…and live out my last days without having to hear your name or see your faces ever again.

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  1. Lori Ann

    Seriously? I guess I am a terror suspect, as is my 72 year old Mom and most of my friends and neighbors. Heck, here in Louisiana we are told to keep at least 3 days of food and water on hand for hurricanes. I didn't know that the federal government was going to claim that we are terror suspects for it. And what about all those "Extreme Couponers" out there? We need to start rounding them up? Maybe I will have a chance at getting a good sale if they do! Love your site!

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks Lori Ann.Yes u are considered a homegrown threat.As are probably all that read these type blogs.Get ready to be transferred to a local internment camp where we belong according to the powers that be.


  3. Rhino

    Thanks Lori Ann. Get ready …they will be coming for you and mom to put you to work in a internment camp near you soon…

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