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Survival Communities

Survival Communities

I’m sure most of us have heard the dreaded words, “I’ll just come to your house” when trying to convert the masses to the advisability of prepping. How do you handle it? How do you choose who to help? Do you help your parents? Your in-laws? What about your ex-wife/husband? What about your ex’s new spouse? How about those 8 little boys that were spending the night at your house when the world as we knew it came to an end? Where do you draw the line?

My best advice is if the situation is short term- like a hurricane, tornado, loved ones injury or job loss. Help them all you can. Take them food. Loan out that generator that you’re not using. Share your garden skills. It may help change how they view prepping.

If it is TEOTWAWKI you may need to reevaluate.

I love my family. I love my husband’s family. They all own guns. Most of them hunt and garden. We’re country folk. They would be assets in an end of the world situation but I also know that I cannot spend the day with them without wanting to pull my hair out. The idea of living in the same house with them INDEFINETLY???…..makes me shudder just to consider the possibility. Somebody would die, not joking it would come to a physical fight. My family puts the fun in dysfunctional. There is no way that that would add to my family’s survival. Me staying sane will add to my family’s survival.

I belong to several prepper groups online and I see a lot of topics about starting prepper communities. I think in theory they are great ideas! I see those same members get into outrageous and ridiculous fights on stupid, simple disagreements (what shovel to buy, what seeds to plant). If you can’t agree online, on little things; how do they plan on surviving when living in close, stressful proximity to one another? Who will be Boss? Who’s going to cook, do the laundry, watch the kids, hunt, garden, and dig the latrines? Is everybody going to take turns? Is it share and share alike? Ever been in a preschool class where there are 3 new toys and 10 kids? Do you remember that new cutie from high school that everybody liked? Let the tantrums and back stabbing begin!

My oldest children (both 18) no longer live in my home because they couldn’t live by my rules. Will that magically go away when the SHTF? You’re delusional if you think disaster will bring out the best in people. If you don’t think you could go camping for the weekend in the August heat with everyone you hope to provide for, how will you fare when you can’t go home and take a break from all of the togetherness? And if you think it will be terrific or that it would all work itself out, I encourage you to try that weekend campout. Good luck!!! (You’re gonna need it)

Surviving alone is not an option either. Who’s going to keep watch while you sleep? Communities of like minded people were, are and always are the safest approach. So how do you make it work? Find people you LIKE and get along with. Got one that has the “If I can’t be the Quarterback then I’m taking my football and going home” mentality? Figure that out now and weed them out before it’s too late. You wouldn’t give someone your car keys without making sure they knew how to drive. Why would you give your safety and security to a group without first making sure that they know what they are doing? Like with all things prepping related PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!


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  1. magpie.1960@hotmail.com

    Great articale MariAnne. mMy family is the same kinda fun as yous!!! LOL made me really think…….I’d rather bug in or out with my friends than some of my family!! Really love this article!

    1. Rebelgirl

      YAY! I got comments! hahaha I was so excited to see people comment on one of my posts, I just had to take a moment to say “Thank you!”

  2. DaaSwampman

    Good article and I wish I had answers. My big concern is a whole lot of talk and no action. I have talked to several groups and what I have seen is there is no real plan and little or no training. Or their focused on one thing like defence or faith.

    As a single person I would not want to join in with a big family or church group. You would always be an outsider and many would have little or no skills, but their family. A community is the answer, but how do you get there?

  3. Rebelgirl

    I have the same concerns that you do and I understand your worry about being a single person/outsider. My concern is being a target. I am happily married but my husband works overseas and is away for months at a time. If SHTF while he is working then I will be alone with just my son. I have avoided face to face meetings out of fear that someone may try to take advantage of the fact that I am alone. My best advice would be to try to start a group of your own. If you can find like-minded persons (that seems to be the hardest part) and train. When I say train I don’t mean Rambo style. I just mean start out doing a camping trip every couple of months or assigning skills for everyone to learn and then have a meeting where everyone displays how well they mastered said skill. This would give you the chance to get to know the people in your group without putting your location in danger. At least that’s my ideal group. I was really hoping that by writing this post others might be able to offer better suggestions. =)

  4. Brian Laughlin

    I have been planning this collapse in my head for the past few weeks, and I am so ill prepared. I have tons of bad things going against me. I live in an apartment with my wife and 2 kids, People think I am crazy when I talk about economical collapse, and I am a very open minded level headed person that recently has started having very real dreams about something happening in the next year. Before the dreams I never even though of preparing for anything like this. My eyes have opened to a lot of different things. The good thing I have going for me. I spent 8 years in the marine corps. I have done survival training. Trained extensively in self defense, survival skills (trapping, hunting, fishing). Have some farming skills as my family has farmed for years. Really can’t find a community because people think I’m nuts. So if anyone knows of anyone starting up a group, where we can bounce ideas off each other I would appreciate it. Email is blaughlin79@gmail.com. Thanks

  5. LAsha

    ya’ll are making this old woman think
    but i wanted to share what we have done for many years.
    we have goats for milk,icecream,butter
    chickens for meat and eggs ( protein) also sell for extra money.
    did i mention we homestead. i’m still learning.
    rabbits for meat ( protein).
    you will need all this protein and more to sustain tha body.buy all spices and baking goods.
    my son is in master sgt in guard.
    we have tried to learn all we can on what we need.
    i dehydrate veggies out of my garden,fruit from my trees,black berries and strawberries for snacks for the children.my grandsons and their moms and dads hunt deer i make jerky all summer.i have
    dehydraters going all the time.believe me i go through them.i have learned to dehydrate by the son.you can get books and learn all this and its fun to include your family.hope this helps.ya’ll have helped me.

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